How to be a… brilliant blonde

1. Blonde highlights, especially when bleach is used, deplete the hair's moisture levels and fluff up the cuticle, leading to dry, frizz-prone hair. Pack moisture back in by washing it with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and use an intensive moisture mask once a week..
2. Whether it's natural or coloured, you need to preserve your colour's vibrancy and glossiness. If you're a bleached-blonde, try  shampoo and conditioner "Elea". If you're naturally fair, bring out your hair's natural highlights with shampoo containing camomile.
3. The secret to making blonde hair shine is a great blow-dry. When it's blow-dried smooth, blonde locks reflect the light, making them look extra glossy. Rough-dry your hair until it's almost dry. Then attach a nozzle to your hairdryer and use a pure bristle brush, which will smooth the hair shaft, giving natural shine.